What to Bring


In summer don’t forget shorts, t-shirts, sun glasses and suncream

As storage space is limited, a soft holdall is preferred as hard bag suitcases are unsuitable.


Phil’s Adventure Sailing School carries mandatory public liability and third party insurance.  We strongly recommend that you arrange your own accident, injury, loss of personal possesions and cancellation cover.  Some home policies can cover this.  Holiday insurance policies are widely available.  Post Office, Tesco etc.


All onboard meals are included. Breakfasts are usually cereals, toast, juice or bacon and egg.  Lunch is soup and sandwiches as this is easy to prepare whilst on the move.  Evening meals include beef in red wine, spaghetti bolognaise or chille con carne, sausage and mash or chicken curry.  Vegetarian meals on request.

On the last night we generally go for a pub meal/snacks.  Tea and coffee and food aboard is provided.

Toiletries and Washing

Maracuja has a separate heads (toilet) compartment with hot and cold running water where you can wash in private.  Holyhead Marina and most other ports of call have shower  facilities.


Students may bring beer or wine to accompany their evening meal and this is encouraged. However no alcohol is allowed whilst we are sailing as this can endanger you or your crew mates.

On some evenings, we will be moored alongside, so those who wish can stretch their legs and visit the local pub.

Smoking is permitted above decks in the cockpit.

Boat Duties

At the end of the course, the final couple of hours will be spent clearing and cleaning the boat thoroughly inside and out, so that the Maracuja is ready for the next crew.

At the conclusion of the course, certificates will be issued and personal RYA log books will be filled in – so remember to bring it with you if you have one (they can be purchased).